Ignite innovation and entrepreneurship skills for Urban Mobility transformation. Check out the program to fuel your passion and drive for urban mobility innovation

17th of January, 2023

Arrival, registration of participants, welcome dinner & Ice breaker

Upon arrival, participants will be registered and greeted with a warm welcome. Then, we will kick off the program with a delightful welcome dinner and an engaging icebreaker to help everyone get to know each other better.

18th of January, 2023


Introduction of agenda, team forming, challenge overview

Participants will be introduced to the agenda and the overall challenge of the program. They will also form teams and receive an overview of the challenge they will work on throughout the program.

19th of January, 2023


Problem validation: uncover the heart of Urban Mobility innovation

This day of training delves into the crucial art of problem validation in urban mobility. Shaping innovative solutions begins with a deep understanding of the challenges we aim to address. Participants will explore techniques that uncover the essence of urban mobility issues, ensuring that their ideas resonate with real needs. Through interactive discussions and practical exercises, participants will gain insights into refining their ideas, enhancing their viability, and setting the stage for impactful change. 

20th of January, 2023


Ideation processes: sparking urban mobility innovation 

Building upon the foundation of problem validation, this session ignites the spark of innovation in urban mobility. Guided by facilitators, participants will be immersed in a dynamic experience fostering ingenious solutions. The pathway to crafting concepts that resonate with genuine urban needs will be revealed through collaborative discussions and hands-on exercises. 

21st of January, 2023


Customer journey & value network: Mapping Urban Mobility Impact

 During this day, participants will uncover the intricate pathways of urban mobility impact. Navigate the dynamic terrain of understanding customer needs, behaviors, and experiences. Through interactive exercises and guided discussions, participants will delve into the art of mapping value networks that underpin urban solutions.

22nd of January, 2023


Competitors analysis and pitch training: elevate your Urban Mobility vision 

This day is dedicated to refining the competitive edge and perfecting the pitching prowess of participants. Guided by expert mentors, participants will craft compelling pitches that resonate with stakeholders. Through hands-on exercises and personalized guidance, participants will learn to articulate their vision, showcase their solution's value, and captivate the audience.

23rd of January, 2023


Business modeling, preparing the final pitch and final pitch: Shaping Urban Mobility Ventures 

This transformative session focuses on translating visionary concepts into actionable business models for urban mobility success. With expert guidance, participants will craft a business plan to thrive in urban mobility.

Culminating in the exhilarating Final Pitch, participants can present their refined business model to a panel of industry experts. 

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