Winter's Cool 

Your gateway to urban mobility expertise and entrepreneurial skills that drive tomorrow's cities

Welcome to the Winter's Cool project, where we play a vital role in advancing EIT Urban Mobility's goals and making a significant social impact on urban mobility. Our project is dedicated to empowering bachelor students from RIS countries, enabling them to become champions of sustainable urban mobility solutions while enhancing their professional growth through upskilling in entrepreneurship, innovation, and sustainability.

By fostering an entrepreneurial mindset, we equip  students with the ability to adapt to new technologies and business models, ensuring they are well-prepared for the dynamic challenges of the urban mobility landscape.

What does the programe provide?

Engaging and meaningful challenges

Participants will be involved in a one-week challenge-based winter school, where engaging and meaningful challenges are designed to foster innovation and entrepreneurship in the context of urban mobility. Learning outcomes for each challenge will be carefully determined, and appropriate teaching methods will be selected to create a cohesive and impactful learning experience.

Tailored training Content

The program will feature training content tailored to equip students with essential skills and knowledge in problem analysis, ideation, business modeling, market research, and pitching. Continuous coaching and support will be provided throughout the learning journey, ensuring participants gain valuable insights into innovation and entrepreneurship within urban mobility.

Real-world learning experience

The Challenge-Based Learning Program culminates in a five-day experience where participants work collaboratively in teams, receive feedback from trainers and experts, and present their well-developed business ideas to a panel of judges. Additionally, guest lectures and mentoring opportunities from the city of Tartu and local industry players enrich the participants' understanding with real-world insights and expertise.

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Prepare for the Winter School during the Innovation days!

October 17th

October 18th

October 19th

Who we are?

Kimitisik is a Dutch consultancy and training company in Education Management. Their experienced team of engineers and computer scientists aims to enhance STE(A)M education through coaching on entrepreneurship and complementary skills. We collaborate with international partners to support project implementation and offer CBL courses, hands-on learning, and events to blend proven methodologies with real-life experiences. 

The University of Tartu (UT), one of the leading universities in the Nordic countries, excels in various subject areas. UT gained experience in promoting entrepreneurship, innovation, and knowledge transfer through active project involvement.

Who are the speakers?

Balázs Horváth

Coach & Trainer and Co-founder at Kimitisik

Iuliia Trabskaja

University of Tartu

School of Economics and Business Administration

Chair of Entrepreneurship

Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship

Mervi Raudsaar

PhD (Sociology)

University of Tartu

School of Economics and Business Administration

Chair of Entrepreneurship

Head of Chair

Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship

Ákos R. Wetters

Coach & Trainer and Co-founder at Kimitisik

Piia Vettik-Leemet

MBA (Entrepreneurship and Technology Management)

University of Tartu

School of Economics and Business Administration

Chair of Entrepreneurship

Junior lecturer in Entrepreneurship

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